Software, Algorithms, and Technology Transfer

The following software systems are under patent review or have been copyrighted. For licensing algorithms and models (for commercial purposes) described in this website, please contact Vanderbilt University Office of Technology Transfer

Publicly Available Software

EBMSearch is a medical search engine that employs advanced pattern recognition technology to efficiently and accurately identify content-specific, high-quality articles in MEDLINE. [Run EBMSearch]
GEMS (Gene Expression Model Selection) is a system automated development and valuation of high-quality cancer diagnostic models and biomarker discovery from microarray gene expression data. [Download GEMS] [Executive summary]
Causal Explorer (CE) is a library of causal discovery algorithms based on Bayesian Network learning theory for (i) learning a complete (Causal) Bayesian Network, (ii) learning a targeted portion/neighborhood of a Bayesian Network, (iii) for variable and feature selection. CE offers a wide variety of major prototypical and state-of-the-art algorithms in the field and a unified and easy-to-learn programming interface. [Download Causal Explorer] [Executive summary]

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