DSL Mission

The mission of the Discovery Systems Laboratory (DSL) is to contribute to biomedical research by developing, evaluating, and applying novel algorithms, methods, and software systems for modeling and data analysis in support of biomedical discovery.

A major thrust in the DSL research agenda is the development and translational application of algorithmic methods for the discovery of causality (e.g., in the forms of discovering gene regulatory relationships, molecular pathways, clinically useful biomarkers) using formal and scalable methods of Computational Causal Discovery.

A second highly complementary area of focus is the study of intelligent systems and machine learning methods for Biomedical Information retrieval in support of Evidence Based Medicine.

Many of the techniques and software we have developed have very broad applicability and thus have been found useful in several traditional medical research settings as well. Our dissemination efforts consequently span a wide range of bioinformatics, medical informatics, computer science and biomedical forums.

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