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Opportunities for Formal Graduate Study

The Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI) offers MS and PhD degree programs. Combined MS/MD and MD/PhD programs are also offered. These are programs of intensive study that balance coursework and cutting-edge research. DBMI has an NIH training grant that (on a competitive basis) funds qualified students who are US citizens or permanent residents (Green Card holders). Prospective students who may be interested to work in the DSL research areas should apply to one of the above programs directly at the DBMI website.

Opportunities for Mentored Research Study

In addition to the MS and PhD degree programs, DBMI also offers NIH-funded post-doctoral research as well as shorter internships. Post-doctoral research typically lasts from two to three years. Short internships are typically one semester long. Prospective post-doctoral fellows and interns who may be interested to work in the DSL research areas should apply directly to DBMI.

Qualifications of prospective graduate students and post-doctoral fellows

Many graduate students and fellows elect to work in areas other than those pursued within DSL. Typically a student is encouraged to have some areas of strong interest but also be flexible enough to decide on a career path after he or she has taken courses during the first two semesters in the program and been exposed to the spectrum of possibilities that the field has to offer. It is not uncommon for students to enter with a strong clinical systems interest and end up doing bioinformatics work and vice versa.

Especially with respect to students wishing to work with DSL faculty the following are considered strong qualifications:

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